I wanted to thank you for spending time with us.  I found both days extremely useful and educational.  Your facilitation skills are fantastic – I’m not sure anyone else would have been able to keep me interested for that long…and two full days in a row to boot. You’ve made a big difference in our organization. Your ability to connect to the group really allows them to open up.

Ahmad Nassar, Esq.
President, NFL Players Inc., Client since 2005


Thank you for the excellent course. I feel so much more confident as a speaker, in even everyday conversation. You led the class very effectively and I haven’t “stretched” like this in a really long time. Thank you for making me a better speaker. I look forward to utilizing my newly acquired skills soon. I think I could benefit from additional coaching and take a refresher course every year or so. I had so much fun in the class, Jill. You are an amazing, gifted instructor. You are so engaging when you teach the material and you manage to make it fun at the same time.  I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye and to thank you in person for a WONDERFUL class.

Orlena Shek, Esq.
Open Source and Senior Corporate Counsel, NetApp

Thank you for your excellent training sessions. I know the Leadership of the Department of Pathology came away with better understanding about what defines a person and how this may influence what will motivate him or her. You have planted seeds of insight, wisdom, and skills for us to grow and use to motivate the very diverse group we work with daily.

Christine Hostetter
Department of Pathology, Johns Hopkins Hospital


When I first heard Jill speak at a conference organized by our professional group, I thought she was a wonderful, funny dynamic speaker who knew how to engage an audience. I knew immediately that I wanted to bring her on campus to present to our students. I wanted someone who could engage the students and help them think differently (and positively) about networking and communication. Jill proposed workshops that she thought would address the needs of the students. The students really loved the workshops and my colleagues and my supervisor were really impressed with Jill’s presentation and her ability to connect with the students. 

Elizabeth Di Giovanni, Esq
Director of International & Advanced Career Programs, Stanford Law School - Client Since 2013


Jill is the BEST when it comes to speaking guidance. I love having a structure to use!  I was floundering around the issue. Then I said, "Wait! Find that system Jill gave you.” Now I'm plugging in my points and voila! Thank you!

Tina Green, Founder, Lotus Wisdom
CEO, Conscious Contracts

I had my first-hand experience of learning from Jill. What a great experience it was. Jill is brilliant and fun and she helped me create key messaging and structure for my speaking gigs. Absolutely recommend Jill's training to any keynote or Tedx speaker who wants to learn structure that will give them freedom to be effective and natural.

Dr. Natasha Khazanov, Professor, UCSF
Founder, SMARTT Parenting


Our firm had the pleasure of partnering with trainer Jill Wesley on two series of on-site professional development seminars focused on creating a positive work culture. Jill brought amazing energy, humor and poignancy to her training sessions. She challenged our staff to think outside of their comfort zones--encouraging them to examine personal assumptions they bring to the workplace every day, all the while making them feel safe and valued as individuals. Jill is a great listener and was very easy to work with in designing and adapting customized training programs to our specific needs. It is without hesitation that I recommend Jill Wesley.

Meg Meserole, SPHR
Chief Human Resources Officer,
Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP

Thanks so much for everything! You were absolutely wonderful! I have received great feedback, including some VP's that had heard how great you were. There were even a few people that came back the 2nd day so they could hear you again and a few Directors that "snuck" in to hear you. Your presentation on "Change" was perfect for our current situation. Thanks again for making the conference a success!

I heard several comments that this was the best one ever!

Donna Croatt
Assistant HR Director
St. State Cloud University


Fifteen credit unions held a joint staff development program and the headliner was Jill Wesley, a veteran corporate trainer. With her sharp sense of humor and poignant anecdotes from her own life, Wesley related the member experience to the audience. As the day ended, conversations everywhere were abuzz with takeaways from the training. Wesley was a hit and will surely be asked to come back. I strongly recommend Jill Wesley to any organization looking into conducting staff development and/or team building events.

Jon Hernandez, President/CEO
Federal Credit Union, City of Downey Federal Credit Union
and Mattel Federal Credit Union

Jill did a phenomenal job. Kept us fully engaged and entertained. You have made a big difference in me and others say the same.

Salil Prasad
Senior Director, Program Management and
Engineering Services


Thank you for everything. Lots of compliments still bubbling forth from your presentations. You handled a difficult topic very well. Not an easy task. You have great energy and observational skills. It is easy to see why you are in the work you are in and why you are in demand.

Kai Huschke
Communications and Project Strategist

Just a quick note to say that I presented at our meeting in Dallas this past Saturday and I was pleased with how it went—and got great feedback from several folks including my boss (and his boss). I definitely integrated some of the feedback you gave me during our session. Thanks again for your coaching! 

Derek Powell
Sr. Program Manager
Edwards Lifesciences